Manufacturing capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa for MH Supplies


Earlier this year, RHSC, through our donor-funded Compass initiative, commissioned a study on the regional manufacturing capacity and corresponding market in sub-Saharan Africa for oxytocin, misoprostol, magnesium sulphate, tranexamic acid, and heat stable carbetocin. US Pharmacopeia is (1) conducting a landscape analysis of the existing regional manufacturing capacity and estimated market of these products in SSA; (2) assessing the gaps and challenges that influence the manufacturing of high-quality maternal health supplies on the Continent, and identifying actions and resources required to address these gaps and challenges. The project work is progressing on track and will be finishing around September. Therefore, the meeting next week on July 19th will be the perfect opportunity for you to hear about USP’s process and findings, and for you to share your feedback and inputs.

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