Increasing independence in young women by ensuring access to safe menstrual products


Although menstruation is a part of life, in many countries it is still a taboo. Menstruating women are seen as unclean and are often expelled from the community during that period. Young women lack information about what is happening to their bodies and don’t have access to affordable and appropriate menstrual care products. To overcome the lack of sanitary pads and tampons girls often use self-invented solutions, like toilet tissue and pieces of cloth, which can cause serious health problems for them. The RHSC youth consultations held in Kampala (December 2015) and Bali (January 2016) clearly showed the need for greater attention to eliminate the barriers girls face to access menstrual supplies became. This webinar will present the general facts and figures for girls worldwide but also showcase some good examples of how products can be more in line with young people’s needs and how they can be made more available.


  • Welcome - Robert Kasenene United Nations Association Tanzania
  • Setting the scene - Martha Brady, Population Council, Ritu Program Bangladesh
  • Hilda Alberda,Simavi- Menstrual Cups Uganda
  • Marianne Tellier, WoMena- Aakar Innovations India
  • Jaydeep Mandal, Aakar Innovations
  • Q&A
  • Emilie Peeters, RHSC


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