Global Contraceptive Commodity Gap Analysis

  • How much is spent on contraceptive supplies, and what are the relative contributions of donors, governments of low- and middle-income countries, and individuals?
  • How many women will use each method of contraception in 2020, and what volume of supplies will they consume?
  • How much do the supplies consumed by all users of contraception currently cost, and how much greater will the cost be in the year 2020?
  • What funding gaps can we anticipate in the year 2020? If donor and government funding does not increase, what burden will shift to out-of-pocket expenditures by individuals?

The RHSC’s groundbreaking Global Contraceptive Commodity Gap Analysis (CGA) addresses these questions. Wide-ranging consultations with 43 donors, manufacturers, advocates, and technical experts, representing 24 agencies and organizations, inform this resource.

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