Webinar: Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in the time of the Zika Epidemic

29th January 2016

Zika Epidemic and Reproductive Health

When: Thursday, 4 February 2016 @ 11 AM (New York, Washinton DC, Lima) or 10 AM (Central America)

Objective: To find a helpful response to questions about reproductive health and the Zika epidemic and to assess the epidemic’s impact on national contraceptive programs. The webinar will kick off with a short presentation to encourage discussion. Viewers can interact with one another; for a better webinar experience, we recommend you use a headset.

Dr. Alma Virginia Camacho, MD, MPH, will present the UNFPA and OPS/CLAP view on the epidemic and the suggested actions, keeping sexual and reproductive rights as a priority. Dr. Camacho is Regional Advisor on Sexual and Reproductive Health at UNFPA, Panama Regional Office and ex-president on ForoLAC.

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The webinar will be held in Spanish.

Categories: Webinars, ForoLAC

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