RHSC statement on the injectable contraceptive MPA-IM market

30th July 2022

Download the statement (PDF)

The Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition strives to provide market actors—global, national, private, and public—with the information needed to act in an informed manner and with a view to the total market. It aims to lead efforts to improve market intelligence on reproductive health products, and fill information gaps by tapping into the data collection and analytical skills of our membership. Given injectable contraceptive MPA-IM (Medroxyprogesterone Acetate - Intramuscular injectable contraceptive, previously Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate – Intramuscular injectable contraceptive) market disruptions over the last few years, the Coalition, together with the VAN Consensus Planning Group, recently assessed the VAN MPA-IM data to share the trend signals and insight outlined below for informed action.

  • While MPA-IM market disruptions over the last few years, both in supply and funding, have made it hard to predict longer-term trends, one constant is that real, quantified demand for orders could not be met.
  • Looking only at existing requisitions and orders, 2022 demand for orders is historically high and will surpass previous years’ demand for orders if supply is available.
  • Now that funding is rebounding, it is critical to ensure that there is enough supply to try to stabilize the market.
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