Moving the Strategy Re-design process forward at the GMM

16th November 2023

RHSC’s General Membership Meeting (GMM)which took place 16-20 October 2023 in Accra, Ghana  served as an accelerating point for RHSC’s Strategy re-design which is underway. A series of interactive and participatory sessions organized throughout the week engaged members and captured their feedback on the Strategy re-design process.

Beginning on Monday October 16, the Meeting invited the Chairs of RHSC’s Implementing Mechanisms (IM) to reflect on the IMs themselves and consider strategic questions such as: To what extent are the IMs appropriate and effective at supporting RHSC’s core workplan?  How might this be strengthened further? To what extent are the IMs effective in engaging country-level actors in their work? How might this be strengthened further? If the IM were to evolve to deliver more effectively and efficiently on RHSC’s agenda moving forward, what might this look like?

During the IM meetings, the Chairs led membersinto a short exercise that invited them to reflect on and discuss aspects of the IM (e.g., structure, scope) that are working well, and consider what could be changed or strengthened.

During plenary, an interactive session titled, Working in Context to Re-design our Strategy, invited members to discuss and share their vision for the future of the RHSC, reflect on some peak moments and high-point experiences, envisage new possibilities of what a co-created future might look like, and identify actions to carry this shared vision forward.

Throughout the week, Strategy Ambassadors – namely Advisory Group members, Executive Committee members and IM Chairs – answered questions and encouraged members to engage in the Strategy re-design process and take the online survey.

The week’s interactive, participatory, inclusive strategy re-design sessions culminated with Executive Committee member, Pamela Steele (PSA) reminding us all during plenary that this is our Coalition and to let our voice be heard by responding to the online survey.

For more on how you can engage in RHSC Strategy re-design and let your voice be heard, please visit RHSC’s Strategy re-design hub.

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