Doctorstore on course to becoming “FP gateway”

10th August 2018

Last October, just three years after Doctorstore was set up with Innovation Fund support, the e-commerce portal was acquired by one of India’s largest FP social marketing organizations, DKT India. The move heralds an increase in choice, cost-efficiency, access, and equity. The scale-up is supported by a small grant from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.

Back in 2014, Pregna International Ltd launched Doctorstore with a small selection of RH products. Today, that selection has jumped to 81. It includes all of DKT India’s products, including six types of IUDs, two LNG IUS products, tubal rings for female sterilization, five varieties of oral contraceptive pills, a three-month injectable, and emergency contraception as well as medical abortion combi-packs and misoprostol. The site even offers iron and calcium supplements for pregnant mothers. “Our ambition is to transform Doctorstore into a gateway for all things family planning,” says Todd Callahan, Executive Director of DKT India. “We want to position the site as a one-stop-solution for OB/GYNs.

“Doctorstore has taken an amazing journey, and gone from strength to strength"

For many years, a major impediment to the growth of DKT India was the difficulty in hiring more sales personnel, making it harder to expand into the country's remote and interior markets. By offering doctors the opportunity to buy directly, Doctorstore has made it possible to expand access to life-saving products while keeping sales costs under control. It also makes sales more financially attractive to doctors. The site features special price offers and free shipping to all clinics; payment options include electronic transfers, credit/debit card and cash-on-delivery. 

“Doctorstore has taken an amazing journey, and gone from strength to strength,” says Coalition Director John Skibiak. “This is a testament to the Innovation Fund’s ethos of embracing inspired ideas, to Pregna’s pioneering spirit, and to DKT India’s strategic vision.”

For more information about Doctorstore, please contact DKT India’s Executive Director Todd Callahan at

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