#Dónde – A new webapp that locates reproductive health services and access supplies


Cellphones have become indispensable toolboxes with apps for almost everything. Thanks to the new open source platform #Dónde (meaning “where” in Spanish), developed through the RHSC Innovation Fund, Argentinians can now use their phones to easily locate nearby Reproductive Health (RH) services and access supplies. It shows condom delivery points, contraceptive and safe abortion counseling facilities and much more. Users can also rate the quality of care received and that way inform other young people about where to get the best services.#Dónde is specially designed for young people as it is discreet, portable and ultimately empowering.

This webinar will provide a brief background on young people’s access to contraceptives in Argentina and how the development of innovative technology applications like #Dónde improves young people’s access to and the quality of #reproductive #health services.


  • Welcome (Emilie Peeters, RHSC)
  • Background on young people’s access to contraceptives in Argentina (Mariana Romero, CEDES)
  • #Dónde (Betiana Caceres, Fondacion Hespued)
  • User perspective (TBC, Colectivo de Juventudes por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos)
  • Q&A 


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