Transportation Planning and Management

University of Buenos Aires

Specific objectives

  • Teach theoretical content and carry out practical activities in the different areas of professional development related to the planning, regulation and management of transport to work on the application of the approaches and their concretion in the treatment of problems. 
  • Provide a space for training, discussion and updating of knowledge for professionals belonging to national, provincial and municipal institutions, non-governmental and social organizations, as well as international organizations, regarding the elaboration of diagnoses, design, monitoring and evaluation of policies and transportation programs. 
  • Promote multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches to propose answers to transport and mobility problems. 
  • Generate the ability to handle essential tools to participate in the decision-making and public management processes of transport and promote the necessary skills for teamwork through interactive and communicational methods. 
  • Develop management capacity so that knowledge in the specialty can be consolidated in the public and private sectors. 
  • Encourage the development of research activities, in order to delve into new conceptual, methodological and instrumental knowledge, which serve as a complement and greater certainty at the time of being dumped in the discipline of transport planning, and the capacity for innovation in the matter. 
  • Develop teaching capacity, so that knowledge in the specialty can be reproduced in other teaching instances. 

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