Master in Industrial and logistics engineering

Institut Supérieur de Gestion Industrielle de Sfax

The GSIL Master in "Industrial and Logistics Engineering" provides the knowledge necessary to design, manage and optimize the performance of production systems for goods and services and logistics systems taking into account technological, economic, organizational, human dimensions.

The aim is to provide future graduates not only with the theoretical bases to grasp complex problems, but also the practical tools to solve them. It is also a matter of familiarizing them with certain tools that already exist and have been adopted in the field of industrial engineering.

In addition to theoretical and practical skills in the areas of maintenance, production, logistics and quality, students obtain transversal skills such as listening skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills and communication.

Students holding a Masters in GIL can, depending on the opportunities, orient themselves towards all sectors of the industry and more specifically the three main main areas: supply chain, continuous improvement and systems of information. They are called upon to perform functions such as:

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