Management Logistics and supply chain management

Tomsk State University

The concept of the master's program "Management"  is due to the ongoing transformation processes in society, which determine the need for constant development of business entities, thereby influencing the process of forming the professional level of a manager. The success of economic transformations in society is determined not so much by quantitative parameters as by the availability of qualitatively new resources for effective management. This circumstance significantly expands the subject area of ​​the system for training specialists in this area. The need to prepare masters in general and strategic management in modern Russia is caused by the growing structural complexity of the modern market and the need for highly qualified managers.

The objective of the program is that of training of highly professional managers who are proficient in the methodology and instrumental apparatus of logistics and supply chain management for the development and implementation of company strategies in the context of global transformation of markets and the transition to an innovative economy.

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