Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Instituto Peruano de Logística Aplicada

At the end of each module of your degree, you will obtain a progressive modular certificate that will allow you to validate your knowledge and will enable you to work on the certification mention.


  • Introduction to supply chain management and logistics processes.
  • Management fundamentals.
  • Accounting fundamentals.
  • Mathematics I: Basic mathematics, logic and functions.
  • English I: Fundamentals of English.
  • Communication and work writing.
  • Critical thinking and interpersonal skills.
  • Digital productivity.
  • Design of warehouses, distribution centers and transport networks.
  • Management of warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Costs and budgets I.
  • Mathematics II: Statistics and probabilities.
  • English II: Fundamentals of English.
  • Leadership and teamwork.
  • Technology and logistics.
  • Purchasing and supplier planning.
  • Inventory planning and management.
  • Quantitative method for optimization of the supply chain.
  • ICT in logistics.
  • English III: English for work.
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainable development.
  • Process design and optimization.
  • Supply chain planning I.
  • Costs and budgets II.
  • English IV: English for work.
  • High impact professional presentation.
  • Project I.
  • International logistics.
  • Proyect Management.
  • Planning of the supply chain II.
  • English V: English for business.
  • Organization and constitution of companies.

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