Crossing the Thin Blue Line: Pregnancy Test Market Landscape Evaluation Webinar


This webinar showcases country-specific information about the availability, affordability, and quality of pregnancy tests. The webinar provides information on how pregnancy tests can improve access to family planning and antenatal care, a discussion about how pregnancy tests can be used in combination with the WHO-endorsed Pregnancy Checklist, information on quality and procurement standards, and explores market shaping interventions which could help increase access.

The webinar includes the following presentations:

  • Kate Rademacher, John Stanback, Tracey Brett, FHI360. “Crossing over the Thin Blue Line: Assessing the Availability of Pregnancy Tests,” an Innovation Fund project completed in collaboration with MSI.
  • Alison Comfort, Abt Associates. SHOPS Project. “Pregnancy Tests Increase Contraceptive Clients among Community Health Workers in Madagascar.”
  • Amy Lin, USAID’s Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact. “Exploring Market Shaping Interventions for Pregnancy Tests.”

This webinar serves to spread awareness about how increased availability of affordable pregnancy tests can improve access to family planning, and fosters a discussion with the goal to improve women’s access to pregnancy tests and contraceptives.

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