These tools, designed or supported by the Coalition, provide instant, online access to key resource information. 

    LAPTOP is your go-to course finder that offers you a world of training opportunities in supply chain management
  • Procurement Planning and Monitoring Reports
    This database provides data on contraceptive and condom stock levels in more than 30 developing countries on a monthly and quarterly basis
  • RHTargetMarket
    An interactive, web-based tool that supports manufacturers in their decision to expand investments in contraceptive markets in FP2020 and other countries.
  • RHInterchange
    The RHInterchange is a free, web-based tool that provides accurate information on past, present, and future supply orders for over 144 countries
  • Prequalification
    Get the latest WHO list of prequalified medicinal products and UNFPA lists of prequalified suppliers of IUD's and of male and female condoms.
  • Motion Tracker
    Tracks Uganda's progress towards achievement of its reproductive health supplies related commitments.
  • Commitments Compendium
    Searchable database that provides an in-depth analysis of commitments made over a decade to reproductive health supplies
  • Reducing Stockouts Impact Calculator
    Calculator of potential benefits to be gained by reducing or eliminating stockouts of reproductive health supplies
  • RHSC Groups
    Virtual collaboration and networking for members and partners of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition
    A tool designed to help countries develop and implement strategies to secure essential supplies for family planning and reproductive health (RH) programmes.