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Advocacy & Accountability Working Group
RHSC Manufacturers Group
New & Underused RH Technologies Caucus (NURHT)
Youth Caucus
Market Development Approaches Working Group (MDAWG)
The Beer (OC) Game

A hands-on experiential game, known internationally as the “Beer Game” that simulates a four-stage supply chain for a single product (in our case oral contraceptives). Open to all participants regardless of technical background.

Maternal Health Supplies Caucus (MHS)
RHSC Executive Committee (by invitation only)
Systems Strengthening Working Group (SSWG)
Parallel Sessions
Innovations Expo

Based on its successful debut at the Brussels meeting in 2018, the Innovations Exposition is a forum that will showcase the cutting-edge work of our members to improve access to RH supplies.

Yak & Yeti: Hotel Garden
Parallel Sessions
Innovations Expo

Based on its successful debut at the Brussels meeting in 2018, the Innovations Exposition is a forum that will showcase the cutting-edge work of our members to improve access to RH supplies.

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Innovations Expo

Based on its successful debut at the Brussels meeting in 2018, the Innovations Exposition will run again in Kathmandu. It is a forum that will showcase the cutting-edge work of our members to improve access to RH supplies. See below the 12 exhibitors that will be present in Nepal:

DKT WomanCare - Using Technology to Expand Access to Reproductive Health Products

DKT WomanCare

As the exclusive global distributor of Reproductive Health technologies like Ipas Aspirators and Levoplant contraceptive implant, DKT WomanCare is developing an interactive website to improve knowledge of critical RH products and to enable easy access. Clinicians and advocates will be able to easily find and contact the verified distributor in their country in order to close the last mile and bring these products to women in need.

Dot - Digital Contraception

Cycle Technologies

Dot has just undergone the first full-scale contraceptive efficacy study on a fertility app and was found to be highly effective at preventing pregnancy. Learn more about this research, and how innovative digital contraception can address unmet need.

Global FP Visibility & Analytics Network


Stop by the Global FP VAN booth and see an interactive demonstration of what the platform can do for different supply chain players. Don’t forget to also play with the newly launched public-facing RH Visualizer dashboards and see how this data can support the work you are doing.

LNG 1.5mg for Pericoital Use

Camber Collective (in collaboration with the Population Council)

A recent WHO study explored the use of LNG 1.5mg as a pericoital method and findings suggested the method is safe, effective, and acceptable to women, recommending further research. Our current project is contributing to the body of evidence on the correct and incorrect use of this innovative method, by gathering data in an actual use study of pericoital LNG 1.5mg in Ghana and Kenya, where women are already pioneering this practice as a primary form of contraception.

Medical Abortion Commodities Database

International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)

IPPF’s Medical Abortion Commodities Database ( was designed to support organizations that implement and fund safe abortion programmes to identify and procure quality commodities. IPPF looks forward to offering participants the opportunity to engage with the database, see it live and in action, ask questions and give critical feedback.

Nivi: Better health by building trusted relationships

Nivi, Inc.

Nivi’s vision is to help every person take control of their health through AI-enabled mobile conversations on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Nivi will demonstrate how their conversation design increases the uptake of reproductive health services by 1) applying their Engage - Chat - Act Framework rooted in behavioral science methodologies, and 2) referring users to service endpoints including pharmacies and home delivery.

PPH Stories

Concept Foundation

PPH Stories is an exhibition telling the personal side of the leading cause of maternal death - postpartum hemorrhage – a condition often caused by lack of access to quality, life-saving uterotonic medicines. PPH Stories is a tool to help improve the effectiveness of advocacy for improvements in maternal health.

Rapid and flexible cost modeling to improve RH supply chain design

VillageReach and the William Davidson Institute

The William Davidson Institute, in collaboration with VillageReach, has developed a light-touch, Excel-based modeling tool to help health program leaders quickly evaluate different scenarios for improving health supply chain cost and efficiency. By enabling rapid, high-level cost and efficiency estimates for multiple design scenarios, this tool will empower leaders to drive supply chain innovation and make design decisions even in environments where time, data and resources may be limited.

Road to Registration

WCG Cares

Experience real-world challenges and opportunities of product registration in low- and middle-income countries through a fun, engaging, and interactive board game. Participants will roll the dice and draw cards consisting of registration examples; some of which will stall their progress (e.g. a change in labeling requirements) while others will accelerate them toward the finish line (e.g. the availability of fast-track review) and a prize!

Smart Start: Innovation that prevents from Children having Children

Population Services International/Ethiopia

Smart Start, a PSI/E and Ethiopia MOH co-owned program, increases access to modern contraception among 15-19 married rural adolescent girls. One in two girls adopted a method. Baby calculator, an adolescent-friendly way of framing discussions around financial and life planning, is the core element of this innovation.

The Urine Congo Red Test: A tool to reduce preeclampsia morbidity and mortality in low resource settings


The GestAssured® test manufactured by GestVision ( is designed to be an easy-to-use test for urine congophilia that fits into the existing clinical workflow. The GestAssured® test will provide objective, reproducible, preeclampsia-specific information for use by clinicians in conjunction with existing diagnostic directives.

IYAFP: Building Local, Regional and Global Youth Leadership in SRHR Advocacy

International Youth Alliance for Family Planning

Learn about IYAFP’s innovative approach to fostering and harnessing the passion and energy of youth to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights in over 80 countries worldwide.

Supply Fellows

Share your skills and experience

At our Brussels General Membership Meeting in March 2018, we introduced a new idea to encourage our members to actively share skills, expertise and experience, and to build up our younger participants and help them navigate the event more effectively. The experiment was a great success and we’re delighted to reprise it in Kathmandu.