Towards 2030

Some 300 of the world’s leaders and experts in reproductive health supplies will convene for four days in Kathmandu to ask hard questions, and to think strategically.

The evolving funding ecosystem and the lead-up to 2030

What are the issues? Who are the key players and who’s doing what? What’s acceptable, and what’s not? Where to from here? A specially-commissioned analysis will be released in Kathmandu suggesting answers to these burning questions.

Humanitarian situations

Today’s humanitarian crises threaten vulnerable woman’s access to medicines and sanitary products. How do we solve supply chain issues affecting women and girls living in crisis situations?

“Period poverty” and compromised quality

Globally, a shocking number of women and girls lack access to menstrual products. In India alone, 12 percent of its 355 million menstruating women cannot afford period products, and 23 million drop out of school when they start menstruating. But as new menstrual products flood the market, what are the implications of compromised quality?

Spread the word!

Get involved, even if you are not attending the meeting in person. Your support on social media can get critical messages about RH commodity security out to our stakeholders. We’re the world’s largest network of reproductive health supplies agencies, and together, we can shake things up.

Cut and paste Tweets into your Twitter windows and use our badges to bring attention to the important issues in discussion this March.

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Meeting Advisory

Meeting Advisory - Towards 2030: reproductive health supply challenges in the next decade

Key Messages

  • What will 2030 look like for #reprohealth? Our Kathmandu meeting peeks into the future, makes plans for next decade. #ItsAboutSupplies #rhsupplies2019
  • Donors are graduating. Millions of women pay out-of-pocket for #contraceptives. Supply chains fail women in humanitarian crisis situations. Leaders meet in Kathmandu to plan the road to 2030 #ItsAboutSupplies #rhsupplies2019
  • Who are the key players on the #reprohealth supplies landscape? Kathmandu meeting will map lie of the land and help design the road to 2030. #ItsAboutSupplies #rhsupplies2019
  • Period poverty: In India, 23 million girls drop out of school when they start menstruating. As new menstrual products flood the global market, how important is quality? Kathmandu meeting tackles this head-on. #ItsAboutSupplies #rhsupplies2019
  • 300 world experts in #reprohealth supplies meet in Kathmandu to #EndStockouts. #ItsAboutSupplies #rhsupplies2019
  • I’m attending. Are you? #rhsupplies2019
  • Hundreds of the world’s best minds on #reprohealth all under one roof soon, in Dakar #rhsupplies2018