Orders & Shipments

How can the VAN help countries track orders and shipments?

In 2004, the RH Interchange made it possible to see what reproductive health (RH) products were being bought for the public sector and by whom. This development lifted a veil that had for so long shrouded the RH space. It allowed country governments to see what the donor community was buying on their behalf. And it allowed them to take on a more proactive role in eliminating redundancies and budgeting for the future.

Over the years, our insight into the flow of RH products has improved – thanks to the unbroken legacy of RHSC partners who have sustained and nurtured the tradition of data sharing and transparency: from the advent of the RH Interchange under JSI to its subsequent management by UNFPA, and now to the VAN. For the first time, the VAN allows countries to track their orders from manufacturer to port.