New brief offering an overview of menstrual product standards at a glance

29th September 2021

A new brief titled Menstrual Product Standards: A pathway to quality product access has been published (in English and Spanish) by the RHSC Menstrual Health Supplies Workstream Co-Chairs, Tanya Mahajan and Nancy Muller, to...

Category: New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus

New study explores the market for menstrual health supplies

7th July 2021

This month, Mann Global Health and the RHSC introduced a groundbreaking new analysis to inform critical market decisions aimed at delivering menstrual health products more effectively and sustainably to those who need them. The...

Categories: Market Development Approaches Working Group, New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus

Report challenges preconceptions around combi-pack markets

25th May 2021

How unique are market forces for co-packaged mifepristone and misoprostol medical abortion packs (combi-packs)? Are they regarded by the commercial sector as just one more pharmaceutical product? Who exactly are the combi-pack...

Category: New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus

Menstrual Health workstream welcomes new co-leader

23rd July 2020

Tanya Mahajan from Development Solutions Inc., and also the co-founder of the Menstrual Health Alliance India, joins Nancy Muller in leading the Menstrual Health workstream of the NURHT Caucus. We welcome her on board and thank...

Category: New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus

Access to Menstrual Health Supplies during COVID-19: what have we learnt?

12th June 2020

COVID-19 has seriously compromised access to menstrual health materials.

From a supply perspective, the RHSC and our members face three main challenges: (1) a disrupted production of supplies, (2) many interruptions throughout...

Categories: COVID-19, New/Underused RH Technologies Caucus

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