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30th June 2022

How access to high-quality data is dramatically improving Ghana’s commodity quantification processes

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VAN makes huge strides in 2021

31st March 2022

In 2021, the VAN significantly broadened its reach, showing the impressive impact a control tower can have in the public health sphere.

Between 2020 and 2021, the VAN saw a six-fold increase in the number of governments,...

Category: Global FP VAN

In Malawi, upstream and downstream converge under the VAN

15th March 2022

This month, Malawi became the second country to link its national electronic management information system or “eLMIS” to the VAN – a key program priority under the “Movement” arm of the RHSC’s new 3M workplan.

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West Africa champions VAN

20th January 2022

This month 40 participants convened in Dakar to learn about the VAN and use it more effectively as a tool for advancing contraceptive security across West Africa. Hosted by WAHO with support from key partners (KfW, Ouagadougou...

Category: Global FP VAN

Celebrating a year of impact

24th December 2021

Barely nine months ago, we embarked on a new framework for increasing access to a full range of affordable quality reproductive health products – a framework structured around three barriers to access: money, markets, and movement.

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