Five new LAPTOP scholarships awarded

30th December 2021

In much of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), supply chain efficiency is hindered by recurrent deficiencies in the skill sets of those managing supply chains. As is the case in much of the world, regional health ministries...

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Celebrating a year of impact

24th December 2021

Barely nine months ago, we embarked on a new framework for increasing access to a full range of affordable quality reproductive health products – a framework structured around three barriers to access: money, markets, and movement.

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ForoLAC membership meeting tackles big issues

11th October 2021

In a region facing systematic price hikes and access inequities exacerbated by the pandemic, Latin America’s reproductive health community is eager for action. More than 200 people registered for the ForoLAC’s recent virtual...

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Reports: COVID-related price hikes spur advocacy in Latin America

19th August 2021

RHSC/ForoLAC-funded research has found that opportunistic oral contraceptive price hikes have led to increases of at least 10-20% in Peru, Chile, Colombia, and Uruguay. As 60% of contraceptive funding is out of pocket, the impact...

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New study examines entry of misoprostol and mifepristone into Argentina

30th July 2021

Concept Foundation in partnership with CEDES Argentina, and with support from the RHSC, has completed a study to facilitate the entry of quality-assured medical abortion (MA) products into Argentina. The study found that the lack...

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