Who is Holding Up Our Pillars: Nora Quesada

16th December 2015

When Nora Quesada began her career working for a coal-mining project in northern Colombia, reproductive health was far from her mind. But it was there where she saw the impact community-based approaches could have on the lives of vulnerable populations. And it was there where she chose to dedicate her knowledge and skills to those who needed them most: the forgotten, the invisible, and the marginalized.

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In Uganda, an empty shelf is everyone’s problem

27th November 2015

Coalition member HEPS-Uganda is mobilizing communities, talk show radio hosts, and health providers in Mbarara and Kamuli districts, to talk about stockouts and spur real action to resolve them once and for all.


Take Stock defines its new language and builds the evidence base on stockouts

30th October 2015

The measurement of stockouts is passing a historic milestone with the introduction of a new resource — the Coalition’s recent publication of “A Harmonized Suite of Indicators to Measure Stockouts and Availability of Contraceptives”. The culmination of a more than two-year collective effort by members of the Systems Strengthening Working Group, this guidance document defines indicators which will encourage measurement of stockouts using broadly comparable metrics, the backbone of the Take Stock campaign dedicated to make contraceptive stockouts a thing of the past.

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UK’s first self-administered injectable could open doors

25th September 2015

The UK market for contraceptives has received a new addition, expanding choice not just in the UK but potentially worldwide. A leading UK regulatory authority, the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has authorized self-injection of Pfizer’s subcutaneous injectable contraceptive, Sayana® Press, in that country.


Who's Holding up Our Pillars: Teaching choice through entertainment

20th July 2015

How to use the power and attraction of TV, radio and website entertainment to educate on reproductive health issues? William Ryerson tackled this big question in 1998 when he started Population Media Center (PMC), a nonprofit, international nongovernmental organization, specialized in creating serialized dramas for TV, radio and web.

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