Opinion: New tool helps bridge manufacturers with potential markets

13th April 2016

Faced with costly and complicated product registration processes in several countries, many companies limit their market entry to countries they may perceive as low risk and have significant market potential. Often however, they make this determination on the basis of very little information. In many cases they gravitate toward countries with which they are familiar, rather than risk expansion into another unfamiliar country.

Categories: Opinion, Market Development Approaches Working Group

USAID shares rationale on bundling

11th September 2015

At the Coalition’s “Procurers’ and Manufacturers’ Summit” in New York on August 17th 2015, USAID shared its rationale on why and how the bundling of DMPA with syringes and safety boxes became the product of choice for its...


Quality is a key theme in Concept Foundation’s new website

8th July 2015

The Concept Foundation—a Coalition member since 2007—has launched its new website spotlighting programme work access to family planning, maternal health and safe medical abortion, as well as successes, challenges and lessons learnt in elevating the Quality agenda, particularly through the Quality of Reproductive Health Medicines (QuRHM) Programme.


Who's Holding up Our Pillars: The Female Health Company

1st June 2015

The Female Health Company has been a Coalition member since 2007. They manufacture, market and sell the FC2 Female Condom, the only female-controlled safe-sex contraceptive method approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and cleared by the World Health Organization (WHO) that provides dual protection against unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), including HIV.


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