New blog reveals how, by working together, we averted the worst of the UK’s 2021 funding cuts

10th December 2021

The UK government’s substantial funding cuts earlier this year set in motion a tailspin of ever-widening funding gaps across the reproductive health community. As this year comes to an end, we can take some relief in knowing that...

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Ghana kicks off a new era in end-to-end data visibility

14th July 2021

The launch of an automated platform has made possible the uninterrupted flow of data between the VAN and Ghana’s electronic logistics management information system, otherwise known as GhLMIS. Now, for the first time ever, the...

Category: Global FP VAN

Former PPMR countries begin mastering the VAN

13th January 2021

Countries that once submitted contraceptive inventory data to the PPMR have begun a “virtual process” of learning how to access and use the VAN. Once that process is complete, the country teams will be able to see more than just...

Category: Global FP VAN

New tool helps estimate the risk of a shipment disruption

1st July 2020

As countries take steps to stop the spread of COVID-19, many of those same steps—mandatory home confinement, restricted movement of goods and people, and even social distancing—are wreaking havoc on the world’s supply chains....

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VAN introduces groundbreaking product catalog management tool

15th January 2020

Global FP VAN members and other key health supply chain stakeholders came together in Washington, DC recently to learn more about the groundbreaking Product Catalog Management Tool (PCMT). Health systems around the globe face...

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