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Innovations Exposition

  • Aligning Supply Plans with Reality to Mitigate Supply Imbalances


    The Global Family Planning Visibility and Analytics Network (VAN) is the first fully scaled control tower in the public health sphere. Its over 100 member organizations can track in real time over 7,500 shipments of 71 products across 145 countries. They can do so because the VAN seamlessly integrates into a single collaborative platform what were once multiple siloed data and analytical processes. As we all know, lack of insight to expected shipments and inaccurate estimates of consumption frequently result in supply stockouts. Fortunately, improved data visibility and more efficient data management are enabling the VAN to act faster than ever before. Come see how the VAN is helping countries, procurers, and manufacturers align supply plans with reality in order to mitigate stockouts and overstocks.

  • Avibela™ 52 mg levonorgestrel-releasing hormonal IUD


    This booth will give participants the opportunity to learn about the quality-assured hormonal IUD, Avibela™, which is currently registered in seven countries across Africa—Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Zambia—and pending registration in nine more African and Asian countries. First launched in 2018, AVIBELA has been provided to Ministries of Health, global procurement agencies, humanitarian organizations, social marketing organizations, and private distributors. AVIBELA is supplied by Impact RH360, a wholly owned subsidiary of the non-profit mission-driven pharmaceutical organization Medicines360. We are working to make AVIBELA available to women in 88 countries in Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean, often in places where the hormonal IUD has not been widely accessible due to cost or availability.

  • Caya diaphragm

    Kessel Medintim GmbH

    Diaphragms are a non-hormonal barrier method for contraception. Used on demand and self controlled by women. This barrier method is highly accepted and easy to use for most women. Caya diaphragms + gel have regulatory approval in more than 40 countries. Ten years succesfully in use Caya diaphragms maybe a choice in the method mix. As a OTC, with no side effects, easy to use, Caya diaphragms will reach more new users with unmet needs in the future.

  • Country Data at Your Fingertips: Two Interactive Tools on Contraceptive Commodity Financing and Needs

    Avenir Health & RHSC

    Come and learn about two online interactive tools, developed in collaboration between RHSC and Avenir Health, that provide key country level information on contraceptive commodity financing and needs. First, an interactive online data annex allows for access to detailed results showcased in the recent RHSC Compass Initiative Series Financing Report: Contraceptive Commodity Funding During the COVID-19 Pandemic. The annex showcases recent trends in public sector (government and donor) expenditures on contraceptive commodities, bringing together a range of data sources in one easy to use tool. Second, learn how to get more from the RHSC LEAP report by exploring the interactive Custom Reports. The Custom Reports allow you see an overview of results for a particular country or region, compare results across countries, and take a deeper dive into a specific product.

  • Creating supply chain business value in consumer digital health

    NURHT Caucus, Digital Solutions subgroup

    Consumer facing digital health platforms are increasingly active in the regions where RHSC members serve. These platforms represent a significant opportunity to advance the priorities of the RHSC membership by increasing equitable access to a choice of available, high quality reproductive health products and services. The booth will highlight three examples of digital health companies leveraging technology to drive awareness of and availability to RH products and services while generating insights into RH consumer demand. A growing range of public and private organizations are using Nivi, Kasha, and Maisha Meds to improve access to reproductive health products, healthcare, and insights into populations they serve.

  • Data-driven insight and Human focused impact

    Zenysis Technologies

    Zenysis Technologies is an interoperability platform built to accelerate global development goals and improve lives everywhere. We integrate fragmented data into a powerful analytical view, providing on-demand analytics that can uncover insights at unprecedented speed. Under FHM Tanzania, the platform was deployed to harmonize and visualize health market data from multiple, fragmented, public, and private data sources. It has enhanced access, quality, and use of data for improved visibility of the total market situation and for better market performance.

  • DKT WomanCare Global: Transforming Women's Health Access

    Dkt WomanCare Global Services

    At DKT WomanCare Global, we are constantly seeking new ways to expand access to reproductive health products and services. Our innovative approach on social marketing techniques, combined with our dedication to education, global reach, streamlined distribution, and commitment to quality and safety, contribute to empowering women and helping them live life more fully.

  • Informing Choice in Menstrual Health Supplies

    Menstrual Health Supplies Workstream Members

    Creating access to a wide range of high quality, affordable menstrual products is a critical pathway to ensuring that all users have a product that meets their needs and preferences. This booth highlights the importance of choice within menstrual product supplies, spotlighting innovations - both products and processes - from members of the RHSC's Menstrual Health Supplies Workstream.

  • Inhaled Oxytocin - Increasing Access to Gold Standard PPH Therapy

    Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Access to high quality commodities for the management of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) is limited in many resource-constrained settings due to quality issues with many PPH products and the lack of suitably trained and authorised birth attendants to safely administer injectable medicines. Inhaled oxytocin aims to overcome these challenges by providing gold-standard PPH management that does not require refrigerated storage and supply, and can be simply administered by all cadres of birth attendant without the requirement for additional consumables (such as a needle and syringe). Inhaled oxytocin reimagines oxytocin delivery by reformulating oxytocin in a powder form that can be easily administered using a simple, low-cost inhalation device and has been independently assessed as the only PPH medicine in development with the potential for high impact (McDougall et al., 2022).

  • Innovation Technology for Commodity Security using Integrated Logistics Management Information System (LMIS) in Kenya

    Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA)

    Is a Proactive Decision Support system for National Commodity Security comprised of three systems: (1) Commodity Early Warning and Alert System-Enhanced visibility and Alerts on Stocks Out, short-dated commodities, Overstocking, Understocking & Wastages (Expiries) (2) LMIS for Allocation using resupply algorithm (based on Consumption in the health facilities and stocking levels) (3) e-POD app for (On time in Full and Error Free) commodity deliveries to the last mile facilities

  • Reproductive health products created in China and serve the world

    China Reproductive Health Industry Association

    China Reproductive Health Industry Association (CRHIA) was founded on May 2007 in China. It is a national social organization with independent legal personality which was registered with the approval of China Ministry of Civil Affairs. Its members are composed of units and individuals in the relevant fields of reproductive health. CRHIA is guided professionally by National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China. In May 2013, CRHIA joined Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC). CRHIA has set up a special exhibition area on reproductive health for this year's membership meeting, displaying high quality products of family planning and other reproductive health products from China.

  • Safe Birth: heat-stable carbetocin for PPH prevention

    Ferring Pharmaceuticals

    Driven by the vision that no woman should die giving birth, Ferring is aiming to protect the lives of 20 million women and their families by 2030 through sustainable access to heat-stable Carbetocin Ferring for the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage in the public and not-for-profit sector of all the low- and lower-middle income countries.

  • Specialized in Intrauterine contraceptive Devices (IUDs) and Intrauterine system (IUS)

    Pregna International Limited

    Pregna International Limited is leading manufacturer of Intrauterine contraceptive Devices (IUDs), tubal rings, Intrauterine system (IUS), providing high quality products at affordable prices worldwide.

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At our Brussels General Membership Meeting in March 2018, we introduced a new idea to encourage our members to actively share skills, expertise and experience, and to build up our younger participants and help them navigate the event more effectively.

The experiment was a great success and we're delighted to reprise it in Accra. Read our Terms of Reference here.

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