Sourcing Operation Master Class


Course name Sourcing Operation Master Class
Institution Logistics Learning Alliance
Location Any location
Language English
Contact information

Tel: 0800 1588231

Tel: +44 (0)1530 276590 / 276591

Fax: +44 (0)1530 276593


Course objective

Submit a report analysing the role that sourcing has to play and its impact through the supply chain, recommending improvements which would raise the profile and status of the sourcing function; Identify the current sourcing strategies in place and recommend any changes and additions; Identify the upstream and downstream relationships that need to be developed and explain their importance to the sourcing process. Explain how these relationships need to be ethically managed; Review the current market and cost analysis recently undertaken by the company and identify the benefits and risks associated with current practices. Recommend plans and procedures; Review current spend captured and controlled by purchasing controllers, identifying uncontrolled spend that should be within their responsibility; Conduct an internal audit of the sourcing process, preparing analyses from a quantitative and qualitative perspective; Developing the ideas from the analysis of the existing process; Analyse and recommend any necessary changes to current contracts and bid processing; Analyse the data captured on supplier performance and identify the advantages and disadvantages of the current practices; Write a short report recommending the main areas for improvement, guarding the company against risk and improving supplier relationships. Relate your findings to how sourcing supports the company in gaining competitive advantage; Recommend how a formal expediting procedure could be linked to payment based on contractor performance. Report on the issues and problems arising out of current supplier relationships. Suggest improvements. Consider the location of sourcing, analysing and drawing conclusions; Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the various contracts in use. Recommend an alternative approach and suggest plans to be put in place, pre and post contract; There are various views within the company on working more closely with customers and suppliers. Report on the opportunities, highlighting where the company should be cautious in pursuing them; Consider the information systems in use and whether the company is making best use of them. Recommend improvements; What are the implications of bringing in products from overseas?; Recommend a set negotiation process, listing the variables that could be used to create movement and improve agreements; Summarise your findings and present your recommendations in one sourcing plan, identifying the priority you would give to each action. Express the benefit to the company in cost terms and in improved customer service; Provide a report detailing how you would implement your recommended course of action and how you would implement your ideas. Include your plan of how you would overcome any major challenges; and Prepare a presentation on current and future sourcing activity.

Sector Other
General course topics One logistics function in great detail
Specific course topics

Analyse the existing sourcing process; Investigation of requirements; Develop options; Select a sourcing plan and develop a report and presentation on its implementation.

Total time commitment 32
Focus commodity Any or other commodity
Commodities covered Course can be tailored to participants\' context.
Accredited No
Accredited by N/A
Certificate name Not specified
Attendance mode In-person
Attendance description

One trip.

Incentives No
Incentives description

Completion may count towards Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport

Logistics Topics Coverage % (estimate) 100
Audience Facility Manager
Pre-requisites Not Indicated
Course fee $6,377
Course fee description

Includes course classroom instruction and materials. Assumes attendance of up to 12 participants.

Discount available Yes
Discount description

Fee may be negotiated based on company requirements and number of participants. Quoted fee based on 12 participants per course.

Course included in analysis No
Additional comments

No set Fee. Fee given here is estimated, actual fee will depend on the needs and learning style of learners, to be set prior to attending course. This course is only offered face to face upon request by a company or organization. Planning Master classes can be tailored to a specific context upon request.

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