Retail Logistics Master Class


Course name Retail Logistics Master Class
Institution Logistics Learning Alliance
Location Any location
Language English
Contact information

Tel: 0800 1588231

Tel: +44 (0)1530 276590 / 276591

Fax: +44 (0)1530 276593


Course objective

Participants with explore and understand: Customer buying patterns: Consumer behaviour/Customer profiles/ Changes in demand/ Impact on retail strategy; Retail market: Various retail formats/ Mergers and acquisitions/ Global, European and national market structures; Retailer power in the supply chain Market consolidation/ Developments in technology/ Own brands; Impact of change Decline in independence/ Increase in foreign owned retailers/ Development of European, Asian and Global markets; Underlying principles Distribution strategy and the marketing mix/ ECR/ Quick response systems/ Category management/ Product replenishment/ Collaborative partnerships/ Enabling technologies; Retail Networks Basic principles/ Location factors/ Product groups/ Structure – consolidation centres, picking centres, cross docking, reverse flows; Information systems Product & information flows/ Advanced order shipments/ Product visibility; Stock management systems VMI/ Co-managed inventory/CPFR/ Managing promotions/ The retail exchange/ Amplification effect/ Increasing complexity; Warehousing systems Functions of WMS/ System hierarchy/ ERP functionality/ Links with LANS; Data systems EPOS/ AIDC/ WMS/ LANS/ ERP/ EDI/ Information flows; Sourcing solutions Drivers of Retail globalisation and Development of global markets/ Corporate models/ Global retail strategies/ Market positioning and competitive advantage/; Efficiencies from global sourcing/ Constraints; Globalisation of retail supply chains Impact of globalisation on supply chains/ Challenges/ JIT objectives/ Discount retailers/ Market comparisons; Strategies Product and demand viability/ Service requirements/ Costs/ Economies of scale/ Market trends; Channels E-fulfilment challenges; limitations of traditional logistics models/ Click and mortar vs pure play e-Retailers./ Internet trade and supply chains; Supply chain pressures/ e-Fulfilment networks; and Partnerships Communications/ lead times/ Utilisation of resources/ Joint Ventures.

Sector Other
General course topics Variety/range of logistics topics in some detail
Specific course topics

Introduction to the Retail Market; Retail Strategy and Networks; Inventory and Warehouse Issues; Globalisation; and E-retailing.

Total time commitment 24
Focus commodity Any or other commodity
Commodities covered Course can be tailored to participants\' context.
Accredited No
Accredited by N/A
Certificate name Not specified
Attendance mode In-person
Attendance description

One trip.

Incentives No
Incentives description

Completion may count towards Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport

Logistics Topics Coverage % (estimate) 100
Audience Facility Manager
Pre-requisites Not Indicated
Course fee $8,503
Course fee description

Includes course classroom instruction and materials. Assumes attendance of up to 12 participants.

Discount available Yes
Discount description

Fee may be negotiated based on company requirements and number of participants. Quoted fee based on 12 participants per course.

Course included in analysis No
Additional comments

No set Fee. Fee given here is estimated, actual fee will depend on the needs and learning style of learners, to be set prior to attending course. This course is only offered face to face upon request by a company or organization. Planning Master classes can be tailored to a specific context upon request.

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