Service Management Operations and Strategy
Equip service industry employees with the necessary practical skills to manage service operations so that they will be able to: Classify a service using the service process matrix, Formulate a strategic service vision, Prepare a...
South Africa, Pretoria English University of Pretoria, South Africa In-person $611
Warehousing Management Skills
Understand the role of warehousing in the supply chain, Apply warehousing management principles, Apply warehousing layout and design principles, Calculate space requirements, Manage warehouse operations and Identify areas for...
South Africa, Pretoria English University of Pretoria, South Africa In-person $604
Procurement and Bidding Administration/Procurement Service Management
• Gain an understanding of how to manage the procurement process. • Learn how to develop a User Specification and terms of reference • Learn how to select a product and supplier that will fulfill requirements. • Better...
South Africa, Pretoria English Monarch Training In-person $1,500
Executive Public Health Supply Chain Management Programme SA
Effectively managing the health care supply chain of a country or region involves a complex matrix of integrated skills and competencies depending on the scope of operations and the organization’s capacity to deliver excellent...
South Africa, Pretoria English, French, Portuguese Africa Supply Chain Academy; Imperial Health Sciences In-person $0
Supply Chain Management and Public Private Partnerships (MFMP - LP 6)
After completion of the training, delegates will be competent in the following Unit Standards: (119351) Participate in the design and implementation of municipal supply chain management and (116343) Plan and implement...
South Africa English University of Pretoria, South Africa In-person
Quantification of health commodities
The goal of this course is to increase participants’ knowledge and skills in using a data driven process to:Improve accuracy of forecasts.Estimate funding requirements and identify funding sources to meet mid to long term needs.De...
South Africa English S Buys In-person $1,900
Overview of Supply Chain Management
At the end of this course, participants will be able to assess stock status, improve storage and warehousing conditions, and serve as an advocate for logistics and implement change in their own systems.
South Africa English S Buys In-person $2,100
Warehouse Operations Management Course
The Internationally recognized Warehouse Operations Management course is specifically designed to  equip delegates with an in-depth understanding of warehouse operations and best practices. This  course is designed by specialists...
South Africa English, French Africa Supply Chain Academy; Imperial Health Sciences In-person $6,500
Programa Avançado de Gestão para Farmacêuticos
Portugal Portuguese Universidade Catolica Portuguesa In-person $2,500
MINI MBA : Supply Chain Management
Through various simulations, this course emphasizes the importance of involving all actors in the supply chain. This course will cover suppliers, improving quality and processes, and the importance of using just in time...
Portugal Portuguese iiR Portugal (Institute for International Research) In-person $3,000
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