Advanced Professional Sustainable Supply Chain Management Certificate
With economic and environmental climates on the radar of everyone from consumers to congress, many of today’s organizations are rushing to implement processes to cut back expenses, run more efficiently and reduce their...
Online English University of San Francisco - School of Business and Professional Studies Online $5,995
CSCMP University- Supply Chain Management Essentials (SCME)
Learn about the fundamentals of supply chain management. SCME provides insight into supply chain planning, processes, and global operations
Online English Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Online $599
Disponibilidad Asegurada de Insumos: Princípios y Práctica
Understand how strengthening policy-level commitment, financial resources, and local capacity can help ensure an environment that enables and sustains a supply system and meets client demand.
Peru, Lima Spanish PRISMA - Perú In-person $580
Estimación y Programación de las Necesidades de Insumos
Increase participants\' knowledge and skills in using a data driven process to improve accuracy of forecasts, estimate funding requirements and identify funding sources to meet mid to long term needs, develop a procurement plan,...
Peru, Lima Spanish PRISMA - Perú In-person $580
Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM) Module
This module will teach participants business wide concepts, demand planning, transformation of demand into supply, and supply. It covers manufacturing, distribution, service, and retail industries. This includes the fundamental...
Online English APICS - The Association for Operations Management Online $580
Detailed Scheduling and Planning Module
Acquire a working knowledge of the tools and techniques for planning of inventory, including planning techniques such as MRP, CRP, lean, TOC, and projects. Understand the effect of using each technique; know standard measurements...
Online English APICS - The Association for Operations Management Online $580
Execution and Control of Operations Module
Learn to translate plans into operational activities and define and apply techniques in the operations field.
Online English APICS - The Association for Operations Management Online $580
Master Planning of Resources (MPR) Module
Explore and be able to apply the principles of demand management, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, and distribution planning, and to identify conditions that require action. This module evaluates knowledge of both...
Online English APICS - The Association for Operations Management Online $580
Strategic Management of Resources Module
Move your learning to the next level through the SMR module that includes higher-level thinking or strategic planning and implementation of operations. This includes an understanding of how market requirements drive the resources...
Online English APICS - The Association for Operations Management Online $580
Supply Chain Management
Appréhender la démarche de la chaine d\\\'approvisionnement à partir d’un exercice d’intégration, qui, à travers les différents chapitres, les mettra en situation de gérer des problèmes logistiques réalistes tels qu’ils seront...
Belgium French University of Lieges Ecole de Gestion Combination $5,500
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