Humanitarian Accountability Partnership
-Explain the theory and principles of humanitarian accountability. -Identify key considerations for applying humanitarian accountability in practice. -Reflect on individual and organisational practices in line with the HAP...
UK, London, 250a Kennington Lane, SE11 5RD English RedR UK In-person
Warehouse Management Course
Aimed at junior and middle management who require a greater insight into the role of the warehouse in today\'s supply chain and how effective warehouse management can lead to increased profitability for your organisation.
UK, Corby English The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK- CILT (UK) In-person $873
Effective Procurement Strategies for Senior Executives (Crown Agents Certificate)
Transparent and accountable procurement processes are essential for the efficient use of financial resources and delivery of quality goods and services.Good procurement can make significant financial savings for an organisation,...
UK English Crown Agents In-person $5,037
E-Procurement: Making it Work
eProcurement has the potential to deliver significant efficiency gains and financial savings for governments and organisations. Drawing on Crown Agents’ vast expertise in public procurement, this course identifies how manual...
UK English Crown Agents In-person $2,730
Monitoring and Audit of Procurement Performance
The monitoring and auditing of your organisation’s procurement performance is essential to understand whether procurement goals have been met. This course equips delegates with objective and practical tools and techniques to...
UK English Crown Agents In-person $2,730
Integrity in Procurement: Skills & Solutions (Crown Agents Certificate)
Institutional integrity and the consequences of corruption are a top priority on all national agendas. Within procurement, it is essential that the skills to monitor, investigate and audit operations are developed and strategies...
UK English Crown Agents In-person $5,037
Supply Chain Management
A reliable, cost-effective and sustainable supply system to deliver products is essential to meet targets and achieve organisational objectives. In recent decades, the role played by the supply chain function has taken on an...
UK English Crown Agents In-person $2,730
Certificate Course in Ensuring Product Quality in Procurement & Supply Chain of Health Commodities, 09-14 March 2015, Bangkok (Thailand)
Gaining a better understanding of the fundamentals of quality in procurement and supply chain How to budget for quality assurance activities in the procurement budget Drafting better policies to ensure quality products in public...
Thailand, Bangkok English EMPOWER School of Health In-person $2,635
Quantification of Health Commodities
Increase participants\' knowledge and skills in using a data driven process to improve accuracy of forecasts, estimate funding requirements and identify funding sources to meet mid to long term needs, develop a procurement plan,...
Tanzania, Arusha English Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) In-person $1,250
Overview of Supply Chain Management
Assess stock status, improve storage and warehousing conditions, and serve as an advocate for logistics and implement change in their own systems.
Tanzania English Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute (ESAMI) In-person $1,250
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