Gestión y Planificación en la Cadena de Suministros
Elaborate on the competitive importance of alignment and coordination in the business value chain, focused on managing supply and distribution logistics, as well as the level of inter-organizational cooperation and quality of...
Argentina, Buenos Aires Spanish Universidad Austral, IAE Business School In-person $4,600
Global Drug Facility and Green Light Committee Consultant Training
Training will enable participants to serve as a GDF/GLC consultant.
Kenya, Nairobi English Strengthening Pharmacetical System (SPS), Global Drug Facility and Green Light Committee In-person
Hands-on Supply Chain Management
Decide on a overall business and supply chain strategy, implement it, manage the risks and counter competition, Solve typical business problems and overcome common organisational difficulties such as information overload, time...
South Africa, Pretoria English University of Pretoria, South Africa In-person $1,100
Inventory Management
You will learn: what to control, how much to order, when to reorder, and how much inventory is enough.
Any location English Institute for Supply Management In-person
Inventory Operations Master Class
Participants will be able to:Comply with organisational inventory management systems and procedures; Identify and contribute to the implementation of improvements in organisational inventory management systems and procedures;...
Any location English Logistics Learning Alliance In-person $6,448
Inventory Planning Master Class
Demonstrate how inventory management can contribute to competitive advantage; Demonstrate how stockholding costs may be measured; Evaluate a differentiated stockholding strategy for different types of organisations; Apply...
Any location English Logistics Learning Alliance In-person $8,598
Lean Supply Chain Master Class
Participants will be able to understand and/or apply: Value as the driver of the supply chain; Sales and Operations planning process; Business Strategy – the need to co-ordinate business and supply chain strategy with supporting...
Any location English Logistics Learning Alliance In-person $4,299
Licenciado en Logística Internacional en Monterrey
Design systems of logistics and distribution. Manage areas of material handling. Analyze costs and set prices. Develop suppliers to integrate the supply chain. Manage and optimize distribution center inventories. Coordinate the...
Mexico Spanish Tecnológico de Monterrey In-person
Logisticien de la Solidarite Internationale
On présente souvent le logisticien comme “l’homme-orchestre” d’une mission humanitaire. C’est en tout cas la personne sur qui repose l’organisation logistique et matérielle de la mission ou du programme.Au quotidien, trois...
France French Bioforce Institute In-person $6,259
Coordonner la réponse WASH en situation d'urgence: leçons apprises en Afrique de l'Ouest et Centrale
Renforcer les capacités des cadres WASH (Eau, hygiène et Assainissement / Water Hygiene and Sanitation) des organisations humanitaires, des partenaires privés spécialises et des partenaires gouvernementaux, en matière de...
Mali, Bamako French Bioforce Institute In-person $1
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