Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) for Global Fund PRs and Related Consultants
The course content includes key aspects of the PSM systems, based on in-country case studies. By the end of the course, participants will be: i. Able to critically appraise PSM plans, in the context of organisational structures...
Zambia English Pharmaceutical Systems Africa In-person $0
Curso Gratis Online de Logística y Distribución
Learn to manage the supply chain, know the distribution system and the proper handling of cargoes. Identify key aspects of logistics, planning and controlling the transport of goods and select the most appropriate transport modes...
Online Spanish Directivo Global - Grupo Arrima Online $0
Lessons in Logistics Management for Health Commodities
Understand basic logistics principles, assess stock status, describe logistics system options, and manage information.
Online or CD-ROM English USAID | DELIVER PROJECT Other self-guided $0
Logistics for Health Commodities
When you have finished this course, you will be able to: - Define the purpose of the logistics - List and define the functions of the logistics cycle - Describe how logistics ensures commodity security - Describe how and why...
Online English USAID | DELIVER PROJECT Online $0
Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) Online Training Course
The aim of this course is to describe and explain the components of the Procurement and Supply Management cycle and its importance in ensuring the uninterrupted supply of life-saving medicines and other health products. PSM Online...
Any location English UNDP Online $0
The ISM Guide to Sustainability and Social Responsibility
This class provides direction to supply professionals on how their companies and suppliers can develop social responsibility practices and strategies.
Online English Institute for Supply Management Online $0
Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct with Guidelines
Online English Institute for Supply Management Online $0
Introduction to Cost Analysis Concepts
Online English Institute for Supply Management Online $0
Introduction to Price Analysis Concepts
Online English Institute for Supply Management Online $0
Ethics in Procurement
- General Ethics - Ethics and procurement process
Online English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) Online $0
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