Supply Chain Network Planning Master Class
Understand the advantages and disadvantages of a variety of supply chain networking options and the ability to identify and implement the optimum approach.
Any location English Logistics Learning Alliance In-person $8,503
Supply Chain Planning Master Class
Make an outline representation of your supply chains and make comparisons with similar and dissimilar types of organization; Distinguish between the types and directions of flows in a supply chain; Assess the main strengths and...
Any location English Logistics Learning Alliance In-person $8,503
Transport Operations Master Class
Participants will be able to: Determine the appropriate ‘O’ licence for an operations; Set up internal procedures and controls to ensure the operation meets the ‘O’ licence requirements; Complete the documentation to change an ‘O’...
Any location English Logistics Learning Alliance In-person $6,377
Procurement and Supply Management (PSM) Online Training Course
The aim of this course is to describe and explain the components of the Procurement and Supply Management cycle and its importance in ensuring the uninterrupted supply of life-saving medicines and other health products. PSM Online...
Any location English UNDP Online $0
Supply Chain Fundamentals
Experienced APICS-certified supply chain instructors will present workshops related to the fundamentals of the supply chain. Focus areas include: distribution management and logistcs; forecasting and demand management, materials...
Any location English Fox Valley Technical College - Business & Industry Services In-person
Fighting Fraud and Corruption in the Supply Chain
To eliminate fraud and corruption from the supply chain
Any location English MEFielding In-person $6,000
Supply Chain Dynamics
Supply Chains are complex systems involving multiple firms and organizations with different goals and objectives.  Additionally, there are external forces and trends that can impact (positively or negatively) a supply chain’s...
Any location English Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online $0
Gestión y Planificación en la Cadena de Suministros
Elaborate on the competitive importance of alignment and coordination in the business value chain, focused on managing supply and distribution logistics, as well as the level of inter-organizational cooperation and quality of...
Argentina, Buenos Aires Spanish Universidad Austral, IAE Business School In-person $4,600
Supply Chain Management
Appréhender la démarche de la chaine d\\\'approvisionnement à partir d’un exercice d’intégration, qui, à travers les différents chapitres, les mettra en situation de gérer des problèmes logistiques réalistes tels qu’ils seront...
Belgium French University of Lieges Ecole de Gestion Combination $5,500
Buenas Prácticas de Almacenamiento y Distribución - Importancia de la Cadena de Suministro
Sensibilizar del personal de cualquier área hacia la importancia de las Buenas Prácticas de Almacenamiento y Distribución. Conocer sobre el panorama regulatorio y estándares que al día de hoy se aplican en las áreas de almacenes y...
Bolivia, La Paz Spanish Grupo Terra Farma In-person $225
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