Lean Supply Chain Master Class


Course name Lean Supply Chain Master Class
Institution Logistics Learning Alliance
Location Any location
Website www.logisticslearningalliance.com
Language English
Contact information


Tel: 0800 1588231

Tel: +44 (0)1530 276590 / 276591

Fax: +44 (0)1530 276593


Course objective

Participants will be able to understand and/or apply: Value as the driver of the supply chain; Sales and Operations planning process; Business Strategy – the need to co-ordinate business and supply chain strategy with supporting elements; Decoupling point theory; Thread diagrams and response time; Value stream mapping; Cost to serve - life cycle implications; Identification of waste in the supply chain; Identifying the constraints and bottlenecks; Demand analysis - Impact of dependent/independent demand; Differentiated service for customers; Push and pull theory; Performance analysis; Use of the supply chain response matrix - the virtuous time circle impact of reducing lead time, service level, forecasting error, tracking signals; Differentiation for products; Virtuous time circle impact of reducing lead time, service level, forecasting error, tracking signals; Moving from Push to Pull; Sales and operations planning detail; RCCP, MRP, CRP; Using the 5 S’s; Visual Workplace; Use of DRP; Collaboration and CPFR; and Use of Fair Shares for Distribution.

Sector Other
General course topics Variety/range of logistics topics in some detail
Specific course topics

Understanding the supply chain; Process Mapping; Analysing the current supply chain, wastes and constraints; and Determining the supply chain ‘ to be’.

Total time commitment 32
Focus commodity Any or other commodity
Commodities covered Course can be tailored to participants\' context.
Accredited No
Accredited by N/A
Certificate name Not specified
Attendance mode In-person
Attendance description

One trip

Incentives No
Incentives description

Completion may count towards the Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport

Logistics Topics Coverage % (estimate) 100
Audience Program Manager
Pre-requisites Not Indicated
Course fee $4,299
Course fee description

Includes course classroom instruction and materials. Assumes attendance of up to 12 participants.

Discount available No
Discount description

Fee may be negotiated based on company requirements and number of participants. Quoted fee based on 12 participants per course.

Course included in analysis No
Additional comments

This course is only offered face to face upon request by a company or organization.

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