Lean Supply Chain Master Class


Course name Lean Supply Chain Master Class
Institution Logistics Learning Alliance
Location Online
Website www.logisticslearningalliance.com
Language English
Contact information


Tel: 0800 1588231

Tel: +44 (0)1530 276590 / 276591

Fax: +44 (0)1530 276593


Course objective

Participants will be able to understand and/or apply: Value as the driver of the supply chain; Sales and Operations planning process; Business Strategy – the need to co-ordinate business and supply chain strategy with supporting elements; Decoupling point theory; Thread diagrams and response time; Value stream mapping; Cost to serve - life cycle implications; Identification of waste in the supply chain; Identifying the constraints and bottlenecks; Demand analysis - Impact of dependent/independent demand; Differentiated service for customers; Push and pull theory; Performance analysis; Use of the supply chain response matrix - the virtuous time circle impact of reducing lead time, service level, forecasting error, tracking signals; Differentiation for products; Virtuous time circle impact of reducing lead time, service level, forecasting error, tracking signals; Moving from Push to Pull; Sales and operations planning detail; RCCP, MRP, CRP; Using the 5 S’s; Visual Workplace; Use of DRP; Collaboration and CPFR; and Use of Fair Shares for Distribution.

Sector Other
General course topics Variety/range of logistics topics in some detail
Specific course topics

Understanding the supply chain; Process Mapping; Analysing the current supply chain, wastes and constraints; and Determining the supply chain ‘ to be’.

Total time commitment 100
Focus commodity Any or other commodity
Commodities covered Course can be tailored to participants\' context.
Accredited No
Accredited by N/A
Certificate name Not specified
Attendance mode Online
Attendance description

Online coaching with self learning from simulated situations on a disk, access to tutor through email or by phone, can arrange for face-to-face sessions at an additional cost

Incentives No
Incentives description

Completion may count towards the Advanced Diploma in Logistics and Transport

Logistics Topics Coverage % (estimate) 100
Audience Program Manager
Pre-requisites Not Indicated
Course fee $811
Course fee description

Access to a UK based coach

Discount available No
Course included in analysis No
Additional comments

Planning Master classes can be tailored to a specific context upon request

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