Introduction to Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management


Course name Introduction to Public Procurement and Supply Chain Management
Institution Idilmat: Capacity Development Solutions
Location Ghana
Language English
Contact information

+233 (0)302937788


Course objective

The principal professional workshop objective is to provide participants with introductory concepts and practical tools to understand the functions of procurement and its operations. Further it is to provide a comprehensive overview of public procurement and thus better appreciate the quality of government’s spend. Further it is to allow discussion and interaction with other participants involved in Public Procurement practice and reform in their countries.

Sector Public
General course topics Variety/range of logistics topics in some detail
Specific course topics

By the end of the professional workshop participants should:

-Acquire simple analytical frameworks to understand the foundations and principles governing public procurement: legal and regulatory principles driving equity, fairness, accountability and transparency. Appreciate how to achieve efficiency and effectiveness using appropriate procurement methods and become familiar with the main institutional arrangements – oversight authority, tender boards, tender evaluation committees, administrative review boards, procurement entities, procurement units, procurement committees.

-Be aware of the procurement-expenditure cycle and understand its stages, authorization arrangements,

-Understand the linkages to other PFM functions as planning, budgeting, managing the cash flow, commitment control and especially to external scrutiny by Public Procurement Oversight Authority, National Audit Office, Anti-Corruption Commission and Parliament

-Understand the role of the procurement plan both in budget preparation as well as budget release management

-Use a simple classification for all procurement methods that permits categorizing all methods into a simple analytical framework that balances risks versus administrative burden

-Understand the characteristics of different contract types and what the consequences may be in adopting each

-Appreciate contract administration especially as it pertains to contract variations

-Understand the main features of a push versus pull based supply chain arrangement. To understand inventory and warehouse management.

-Understand how a functioning market plays a key role in public procurement: how the relationship between the public sector “purchaser” and the private sector “vendor” is crafted by the laws, regulations and the practice of public procurement and how this affects the three “Es”: economy, efficiency and effectiveness of public procurement

-Assess how transparent and accountable a public procurement system is using published information and data

-Understand the underlying factors for the design, implementation and oversight of public private partnerships and design competitions

-Read an audit of public procurement

-Appreciate basic elements of public disposal and the use of public auctions

Total time commitment 5 Days
Focus commodity Any or other commodity
Accredited No
Accredited by N/A
Certificate name Please contact the course host for this information.
Attendance mode In-person
Attendance description

5 day professional development workshop in Accra, Ghana

Incentives Not Specified
Incentives description

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Audience Other
Pre-requisites No
Pre-requisites description

There are no pre-requisites for this professional workshop as it is developed for persons with little or no experience in public procurement. However, a basic familiarity with budget and expenditure terms would be helpful. It would be an advantage if participants have some awareness of their countries’ existing systems.

Course fee $2,000
Discount available No
Discount description

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Course included in analysis No
Additional comments

This professional Development seminar will be held 11-15 November 2013.

The target audience is government officials involved in public procurement and other areas of public finance management who would like to improve their understanding of public finance management. It is suitable for participants with little or no background in Public Finance Management. It contributes to developing capacities in country to form a credible professional cadre of public procurement professionals.

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