Executive Public Health Supply Chain Management Programme SA


Course name Executive Public Health Supply Chain Management Programme SA
Institution Africa Supply Chain Academy; Imperial Health Sciences
Location South Africa, Pretoria
Website http://www.ihs.za.com/content/supply-chain-academy-0
Language English, French, Portuguese
Contact information

Chanel van Straaten

+27 76 410 6484


Abre van Buuren

+27 12 621 4300


Surita Grobbelaar

+27 12 621 4300



Course objective

Effectively managing the health care supply chain of a country or region involves a complex matrix of integrated skills and competencies depending on the scope of operations and the organization’s capacity to deliver excellent service. Imperial Health Sciences Supply Chain Academy has developed a course focused on the core management skills and competencies to empower Managers within the health care supply chain to strategically and critically review the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. This course will analyse the forces that drive an organization’s ability to deliver service excellence, examine detracting HR challenges such as resistance to change, and develop a range of approaches for enabling and enhancing organizational performance. The program builds on your understanding of best practise processes, exposes delegates to contemporary and commercial best practice skills for managing and leading an organization to achieve or improve operational excellence.

Specific objectives:

The purpose of this 5 day course is to enhance and expand the knowledge you already poses, whilst exposing you to a world-class pharmaceutical grade warehousing environment. The focus will also be on the key issues that can better promote organizational change, to achieve improved effectiveness within the Supply Chain. This course will help you to:

• Understand best practices and processes of management;

• Enhance your understanding of the role of managing a health care supply chain;

• Effective, modern techniques on managing and supervising staff within the health care supply chain;

• Promotes the fostering and maintenance of effective teamwork within the health care supply chain;

• Modern approaches to resolve conflict and build trust through effective communication in the health care supply chain;

• Emphasis on time management in your environment;

• Effective and time bound decision-making to solve problems effectively;

• Important factors to lead and inspire performance excellence in the health care supply chain;

• Techniques on how to plan strategically in the health care supply chain

Sector Public
General course topics General/service course with some logistics included
Specific course topics

1. Professionalising the supply chain

2. Challenges in warehousing and management

3. Management and Supervision

4. Contract level agreements

5.Change Management

6. Good warehouse and distribution practices

7.Communications and Management

8. Safety and Security in the Warehouse

9. Leadership Skills

10.Warehouse daily KPI\'s and management thereof

11.Team Management

12. Time Management

13.Decision Making

14.Leadership Skills

Total time commitment 63 Hours; 9 Days
Focus commodity Health, non-RH specific
Commodities covered Pharmaceuticals (e.g. syrups, tablets, capsules, suspensions, effervescent tablets etc.) • Medical devices (e.g. blood pressure monitors and respiratory equipment etc.) • Animal health (veterinary range) • Contact lenses (that we are only starting in October)
Accredited Yes
Accredited by Other
Certificate name Certificate
Degree name Executive Public Health Supply Chain Management
Attendance mode In-person
Incentives No
Logistics Topics Coverage % (estimate) 100
Audience Open Enrollment
Pre-requisites No
Course fee $0
Discount available No
Course included in analysis No
Additional comments

Course is Accredited by the Di Vinci Institute

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