Demand Management Masters Class


Course name Demand Management Masters Class
Institution Logistics Learning Alliance
Location Online
Language English
Contact information

Tel: 0800 1588231

Tel: +44 (0)1530 276590 / 276591

Fax: +44 (0)1530 276593


Course objective

Map the existing process for forecasting demand and managing customer orders; Identify who is responsible and how this information is used; Identify where demand originates. Consider customers’ operations and needs; Analyse the impact of the current process on the supply chain, how well it works and what forecast accuracy information is available. Establish the views of people in the business on the process and the quality of the information that is produced; Consider demand and demand patterns in the light of any available historical data. Identify how internal and external actions and influences are impacting on demand; Consider what future objectives and strategies of SCIL plc and its customers will impact on demand and the demand management process; On completion of the analysis, detail key findings and the areas the company should consider improving. Also recommend appropriate KPIs to measure and monitor future performance of the demand management process; Detail what information should be used to develop future demand plans and who should be involved in this planning process; Make recommendations as to what forecasting techniques should be used. Justify this recommendation; Recommend how the demand plan should be used, particularly in the supply chain process. How should future customer orders be managed, particularly where demand is significantly different from forecast?; Compile a report on how the effect of promotions, new products and product withdrawals should be managed; As a tool to assist with future forecasting, how should historical data be maintained?; Give recommendations on how technology can be employed to forecast and to manage customer orders; Recommend how collaboration with customers can be used to improve the demand management process;Develop a supply chain plan by combining all the thoughts and ideas generated throughout the programme. The plan should identify the benefits that will accrue in terms of cost and improved customer service; and finally, consider how you would implement your ideas, detailing the major obstacles and how you would overcome them.

Sector Other
General course topics Variety/range of logistics topics in some detail
Specific course topics

Analyse the existing process; Investigate requirements; Develop Options; and Select and consider how to implement your supply chain strategy.

Total time commitment 100
Focus commodity Any or other commodity
Commodities covered Course can be tailored to participants\' context.
Accredited No
Accredited by N/A
Certificate name Not specified
Attendance mode Online
Attendance description

Online coaching with self learning from simulated situations on a disk, access to tutor through email or by phone, can arrange for face-to-face sessions at an additional cost.

Incentives No
Incentives description


Logistics Topics Coverage % (estimate) 100
Audience Facility Manager
Pre-requisites Not Indicated
Course fee $811
Course fee description

Access to a UK based coach.

Discount available No
Course included in analysis No
Additional comments

No set Fee. Fee given here is estimated, actual fee will depend on the needs and learning style of learners, to be set prior to attending course. This course is only offered face to face upon request by a company or organization. Planning Master classes can be tailored to a specific context upon request.

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