Delivering on Promises

The last half decade has seen governments from across the Global South commit themselves to ensuring equitable access to affordable, quality reproductive health supplies. Many have chosen to deliver their commitments at key international events where they can attract a global audience and hopefully garner the support needed to make those commitments a reality. But once back home, the challenge of delivering on those commitments begins. Many are fundamentally aspirational—barely more than a paragraph in length, rarely aligned with previous commitments, and only occasionally supported by concrete programs of action. And yet by virtue of their visibility, such commitments do represent unique vehicles for change by galvanizing the multi-sector support and national ownership needed to turn promises into reality.

What will the Coalition do?

Through its partners, the Coalition will leverage the supply-related aspirations voiced on the global stage into powerful drivers for change at home. By working with partners at country level, the Coalition will assemble the diversity of technical skills required to realize those aspirations, celebrate the successes of governments that take appropriate action, and ensure those successes are replicated globally. Join us as we seek to:

  • Document and distill the lessons from a decade of global and national supply commitments. 
  • Forge innovative multi-sectorial partnerships at country-level to operationalize and deliver on national commitments. 
  • Learn from experience what it takes to formulate solid, actionable supplies-related commitments.
  • Encourage countries to develop new and more effective commitments for increasing access to needed health supplies.

For further information, please contact Emilie Peeters.

SupplyPromises - A commitment compendium for reproductive health

During the past decade, countless commitments to reproductive health supplies have been made. The compendium makes these promises easily accessible, whether you are looking for specific country commitments or those of partner organisations.

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