Menstruation is fundamental to sexual and reproductive health and rights, but in many parts of the world, it is cloaked in shame and fear. Hundreds of millions of girls and women lack access to the information, supplies, and sanitation needed to manage menstruation comfortably. We at the RHSC believe that every woman and girl has a right to water, sanitation and hygiene, as well as the reproductive health supplies that she needs. We’re dedicated to supporting our partners in increasing access to menstrual hygiene supplies. Please share these messages widely. And let’s look beyond Menstrual Hygiene Day 2018 to continue providing women and girls with the privacy, dignity and menstrual health they need.

Watch: Lady Comfort, a popular singer in rural Uganda, composed and performs here a joyful song about the safety and hygiene of menstrual cups.


Please share these messages widely! You can download any of them from this page or through this link.


Coalition member Radha Paudel shares her view on the phenomenon of Chhaupadi in Nepal.

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