Menstruation is fundamental to sexual and reproductive health and rights, but in many parts of the world, it is cloaked in shame and fear. Hundreds of millions of menstruators lack access to the information, supplies, and sanitation needed to manage menstruation comfortably. The RHSC works to ensure that all people can access and use affordable, high-quality products, including menstrual health supplies, to ensure their better reproductive health.


We are part of a global movement. Watch the video below prepared by Wash United, a Coalition member and see if you can spot Alex McDevitt, the Secretariat lead for the Menstrual Health Caucus.

Recent voices on menstrual health and hygiene at the RHSC General Membership Meeting

At the 2019 General Membership Meeting in Kathmandu, menstrual health occupied a key spotlight, reflecting its growing global significance.

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Burning questions addressed in Kathmandu

  • How can we reinforce the presence of MH supplies even more within RH supplies?
  • How can we apply contraceptive supply lessons in the MH context, and vice versa?
  • How to develop and set standards for products that ensure quality and affordability, but do not discourage innovation and local production.
  • How to get a choice of affordable products to the poorest, hardest-to-reach areas.
  • Do supply chains take disposal of menstrual products into account?
  • What about long-term financing mechanisms to reduce costs / increase affordability, such as zero-taxation?
  • How to create more evidence around health impacts, quality standards and other relevant issues.


The RHSC Menstrual Health Supplies Workstream

Since its inception in 2018, the Menstrual Health Supplies Workstream has grown to include more than 51 member organizations. The group discuss quality standards for menstrual health products, the cost -elated barriers preventing equitable access to supplies, the integration of menstrual health supplies into RH humanitarian settings and other crucial concerns

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