Global Financing Facility

What is the Global Financing Facility?

The Global Financing Facility (GFF) was announced in September 2014 by the World Bank Group and the governments of Canada, Norway, and the US as an effort to accelerate improvements in Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH). The GFF will mobilize and channel international and domestic resources required to scale up and sustain efficient and equitable delivery of quality Reproductive, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health (RMNCAH) services. Additionally, the GFF will support the transition to long-term sustainable domestic financing for RMNCAH. A special focus area for the GFF will be to support the scale up of civil registration and vital statistics systems to contribute to the universal registration of by 2030.

What is the Global Financing Facility
Family planning and the Global Financing Facility

What about Family Planning and Contraception?

Since the announcement of the GFF in September 2014, many in the family planning community have expressed concerns that a comprehensive global funding facility for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health could have the effect of diverting resources away from family planning – both globally and at country-level. At the Coalition’s 15th General Membership Meeting in Mexico City in October 2014, there was consensus that the reproductive health community needs accurate, reliable information. Partners agreed to work together as a community, tapping the comparative advantages of a wide range of key players to act as spokespersons, conveners and advocates. Participants collectively called upon the Coalition to navigate the landscape for the reproductive health community.

What role does the Coalition play in the GFF dialogue and process?

The Coalition’s Secretariat, together with the Advocacy and Accountability Working Group (A&A WG), ensures the flow of relevant information on GFF to the broader reproductive health community, while at the same time channeling feedback from the community into key GFF decision making processes. The Coalition plays a critical role in ensuring that the design of the new GFF reflects the concerns and priorities of the broader reproductive health community, from manufacturers to civil society to technical agencies. It achieves this through information dissemination, by providing input into the design process, and by encouraging input from civil society at the country level. Through the establishment of a GFF Advisory Group, weekly teleconference calls, distribution of detailed meeting minutes, attendance at GFF consultations, and publication of an email bulletin series called “Connecting the Dots,” the Secretariat keeps the reproductive health community informed of progress made on the GFF.

Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition and the Global Financing Facility
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