Levers of change

A retrospective look at the Coalition’s most notable achievements reveals attributes and approaches that we have systematically applied over the past decade to deliver success. These “levers of change” are, in essence, what we bring to the table. They are the assets we wield to attain our vision. In the spirit of former Chair Julia Bunting’s maxim, “only do what it is only you can do,” the present framework employs these levers—not just tactically but strategically as well. They describe not just how we get from point A to point B; they determine whether we go to point B at all. They help us to narrow down the range of potential activities encompassed within each Pillar. Our aim is to act where we truly can make a difference.


The Coalition’s neutrality offers a “safe space” where reproductive health experts can leave their institutional hats at the door, candidly address sensitive issues, feel free to think outside the box, and respect differences of opinion, while remaining focused on what they share in common.

Convening Power

The Coalition can rapidly assemble a critical mass of supply stakeholders and champions, leveraging their comparative strengths, forging a common course of action, and achieving results no single partner could do on its own

Brain Trust

The Coalition’s large and diverse membership brings together the best and the brightest from across all sectors and specializations. Through communities of practice and our IMs, this brain trust houses our intellectual capital, incubates new ideas, and solves supplies-related issues.

Brokering Partnerships

The Coalition brokers partnerships across all sectors and regions; and in so doing puts to strategic use both its neutrality and convening power. By tapping the connectivity of its members, by leveraging trust and by instilling a sense of common purpose, the Coalition has successfully forged consensus over deals ranging from price reductions to the adoption of common tools and methodologies.

Flexible resource base

The Coalition’s diverse core funding base makes it possible to pursue necessary activities that, for many reasons, may fall outside the remit of a single donor. This flexibility, in addition to the strong volunteerism and in-kind support from its members, makes it possible to act quickly, pursue solutions that fit the problem, and respond to the often diverse needs of its global membership.

Respected name

Though small compared to many other global health networks, the Coalition’s respected brand, its track record of success, its member commitment, and its global visibility yield both credibility and weight.

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