The Market Development Approaches Working Group (MDA WG) contributes to the goal of reproductive health (RH) supply security through a greater focus on the "total market" which, by definition, includes the private and commercial sectors. It seeks to bring about changes that allow for greater movement "up" the value chain, from subsidized to non-subsidized products. It also aims to facilitate overall market growth, greater equity through the better targeting of subsidies, and wider private sector involvement.

Since its establishment, the MDA WG has broadened global awareness of market development approaches and helped to refine current understanding of the total market for RH supplies. Technical input from the WG was instrumental in shaping IPPF/ICON’s seminal work on second tier markets; which, in turn, focused the WG's attention on the need to assure the quality of the generic supplies on which those markets largely depend.

2014 MDA Calendar

Healthy Markets for Global Health: A Market Shaping Primer

Wednesday, November 19th at 7:00 PST/10:00 EST/16:00 CET

USAID's Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact (CII) recently launched Healthy Markets for Global Health: A Market Shaping Primer, which examines how market shaping can increase access to critical health commodities by reducing transaction costs, increasing market information, and/or balancing supplier and buyer risks. Created in partnership with experts across the family planning, HIV, malaria, vaccine and other health sectors, the Primer includes a framework to help global health practitioners analyze product markets, explore the range of market shaping possibilities, and learn from past experiences before implementing

MDAWG General Meeting

Monday, December 15th at 7:00 PST/10:00 EST/16:00 CET

Innovation Fund Round 13 Deadlines

A short paragraph describing your project is due to Jamee and Anita by Friday, December 12th

Innovation Fund Round 13 Deadlines

Applications due from applicant to Ian Askew, MDAWG Chair: Monday, January 12th


The MDA WG is currently engaged in the following workstreams:

Working Group Leader

Ian Askew
Director of Reproductive Health Services and Research
Population Council
Email: iaskew(at)popcouncil.org

Secretariat contact

Anita Deshpande
Senior Programme Officer, Market Shaping
Washington, DC, USA
Email: adeshpande(at)rhsupplies.org


24.04.15 Pioneering e-portal in India attracts registrations

More than 300 doctors registered so far

MDA Key Issues Guide

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Global Markets Visibility Project

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