Working Groups are the principal vehicles through which Coalition members collaborate on a sustained, formal basis to realize the Coalition’s strategic goals. Each Working Group pursues a workplan, which is developed by its members, revised annually, and submitted to the Executive Committee for review.

Working Groups are led by an elected Leader and participation is open to all Coalition members. At present the Coalition has three Working Groups: 

The Market Development Approaches Working Group contributes to the goal of reproductive health (RH) supply security through a greater focus on the "total market", which includes the private and commercial sectors.

The Advocacy and Accountability Working Group (formerly known as Resource Mobilization and Awareness Working Group) contributes to the health and well-being of all individuals by ensuring they have access to RH commodities they want when they need them.

The Systems Strengthening Working Group aims to strengthen the global, regional, and country systems needed to ensure a reliable and predictable supply of RH commodities, primarily in the public sector.