The Innovation Fund is the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition’s flagship initiative for inspiring and financing new activities that further the Coalition’s strategic goals and those of its Implementing Mechanisms (IM): Working Groups, Caucuses, and Regional Forums. It is a critical catalyst for bridging all the sectors—advocacy, technical, commercial—that make up the Coalition’s large and diverse membership.

Launched in 2009, the Innovation Fund came into being to ensure that all the Coalition’s working groups had equal access to the funds needed to carry out their objectives. Five years on, the number and types of groups have expanded, but the principle underlying the Fund remains the same. Activities eligible for support must serve the larger community, not just the interests of the applicant or implementing agency.

Traditionally, the Coalition has defined the concept of innovation broadly to include any promising new idea with the potential to bring about positive change. Innovation need not mean a radical departure from previous practice but rather could include new approaches to existing processes. Innovation also can apply to systems or processes and the generation of new knowledge. Finally, innovation extends to applying an existing strategy in a new context for the first time, thereby shedding light on how best to replicate and scale-up new approaches at the country level.

Applicants to the Innovation Fund must be members of the Coalition and active participants of an Implementing Mechanism. These include the Advocacy & Accountability, Market Development Approaches, and Systems Strengthening Working Groups; the Regional Forums SECONAF and ForoLAC; and the Generic Manufacturers for Reproductive Health, Maternal Health Supplies, and New and Underused Reproductive Health Technologies Caucuses.

The Guidelines document contains detailed information on the process, funds available, timing, and criteria for applications. The standard Innovation Fund application (proposal and budget) form should be used. Application materials and instructions for each round of funding can be accessed by clicking on the link at the right.

2014: September 1 by 17:00 EST
2015: January 12 by 17:00 EST

Funding applications will be reviewed by a panel comprising representatives of the Executive Committee, the Secretariat, and PATH, supplemented as necessary by relevant technical experts.  The next deadline for receipt is posted on the top of the page.  The "Guidelines" document (at right) contains more information.

Please click on the following links for descriptions of the activities currently supported by the Innovation Fund:

Application Materials

To apply for Innovation Fund support, please download the following: