The Coalition serves as a global resource on reproductive health (RH) supply security. The following tools provide instant, online access to key resource information.

The advocacy toolkit and guide is a practical, evidence-based tool designed to foster policy change for increased commitment to RH supplies.

The Innovation Fund provides the means to translate into action new ideas and for advancing global RH supply security.

LAPTOP contains information about supply-chain related professional development opportunities for public-sector health commodity managers.

The PPMR provides data on contraceptive and condom stock levels in 26 countries on a monthly and quarterly basis, and informs the Coordinated Assistance for Reproductive health supplies (CARhs) group’s monthly meeting.

The RHInterchange is a free, web-based tool that provides accurate information on past, present, and future supply orders for over 144 countries.

SPARHCS is a tool to help countries develop and implement strategies to secure essential supplies for family planning and RH programmes. 

SID is an online reference library with over 6,000 records on RH supplies at country level, including studies and assessments dating back to 1986.

During the past decade, countless commitments to reproductive health supplies have been made. This website makes these promises easily accessible, whether you are looking for specific country commitments or those of partner organisations.