Who's Holding up Our Pillars?

The Coalition’s contributions to contraceptive commodity and reproductive health supply security are founded within a solid base of four strategic pillars – Quality, Equity, Choice and Availability.

This series of profiles and interviews aims to celebrate Coalition members and partners who actually do the work in supporting our issues.

Share your story and become the next reproductive health super-hero.

The latest profile

Batul Mahadiyar

Empowering women through education and access

Every week, hundreds of women visit the Hassina madrassa in Afghanistan’s Balkh province for free lessons in Islamic guiding principles and philosophy. To the surprise of many outsiders, it’s also where women come to learn about family planning and other health issues. This diverse curriculum is part of a wider programme working with religious leaders run by Marie Stopes International Afghanistan (MSIA) under the bold leadership of Mrs. Batul Mahadiyar.

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