In the last decade, the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition has served the community as a visionary and convener, supporting partners in the fight for contraceptive security where it’s most needed. The Coalition looks ahead to the next ten years, ready to offer clearer leadership on key issues that shape the future of supplies.

Through its new work plan, the Coalition will undertake a series of focused initiatives to achieve more direct results in three critical areas—Market Shaping, Reducing Stockouts, and Fulfilling Commitments to family planning commodity security—harnessing the strengths and resources of our diverse membership in a new, and even more productive, manner. By drawing on the wide range of expertise within the Coalition, the Secretariat will ensure that members and structures contribute actively to these three initiatives.

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is a global partnership of public, private and non-governmental organizations working together to
ensure that all people can choose, access and use affordable, high-quality reproductive health products.

Since 2004, the Coalition has been at the forefront of international efforts to secure reproductive health supplies by increasing resources, strengthening systems, and harnessing the power of partnership.


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